1650758172938305.jpgNVC culture is an exciting mix of technology and team working that delivers tomorrows antenna solutions today.

As a start-up that is growing fast, job roles are broad and challenging. Team members at NVC work together very closely to deliver our customers’ requirements with significant empowerment of our employees. Our staff have the freedom to take on challenges and engage closely with our customers in that delivery. Our growth is enabled by the performance of our employees and the rewards for successful delivery can be significant both personally and financially.

A look inside our NVC team




"I joined NVC as it has a high profile board and senior management team with a strong connection with the industry. Now an expert team including myself is growing up that delivers creative, agile solutions which are as unique as the challenges they solve. NVC encourages every employee’s engagement and supports their career goals. Team work is motivated here and our target is always to create an active, efficient and happy workspace. "

                                                                                                                                                                        from NVC UK Sensior Antenna Manager



"It is my pleasure to join NVC as I enjoy working with the experts. Sometimes job is challenging, but I can always find professional suggestions or a productive brainstorm at work. Moreover, NVC is like a big family, we celebrate British and Chinese festivals together and you can always find timely support here. "

from NVC UK Sensior Antenna Engineer






"My main responsibilities are to promote the quality planning for the whole entire company, establish KPIs for various departments, and also I need to monitor, measure and strictly control product quality realization; I also need to communicate with suppliers through FMEA in the early stage, ensure that suppliers fully understand NVC product quality goals, and improve the supplier quality management.

I quite enjoy what I am doing daily in our company. It is a fast-paced culture, in which people were often stretched and expectations were high. Because of the rapid growth, people were promoted quickly and expected to be able to do a job right away."

                                                                                                                                                from NVC China Quality Assurance Director





"I Jointed NVC Suzhou as Project Director in early 2018. At NVC, a healthy, active, efficient and energetic working spirit is always inspiring us to be better. The company encourages excellent teamwork, attaches great importance to the employees' demands and makes the best effort to provide everyone a comfortable office environment.  NVC implements a transparent, incentive and fair promotion policy, which motivate and support every employee to achieve their career goals. Last but not the least, it also has a professional office management system including a complete welfare and bonus scheme, insurance policy to take care all the members in this big family. "

from NVC China Project Director




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